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Denmon Digital Services

On-site & off-site computer & network

services for all home/ business, wired &

wireless systems.


Who is DDS?

Denmon Digital Services has been serving New York City and surrounding states since 1995 and continues to meet and exceed client expectations.  The company specializes in small business and professional office solutions -- wired and wireless applications for all types of business, home, and commercial ventures.

...for all types of business and corporate needs...wired and wireless networks...Internet applications...computer system maintenance and crashes....domain name registration and hosting.... digital production services, including graphical design and web production services...and emergency repairs and service. No matter what time it is!

In this world of 24 hour requests, DDS is there to rise to the occasion and resolve your issues, affordably and efficiently.

We're here to solve your computer and network problems and give you the business solutions you seek.

All our employees are brought in with a minimum of a bachelor or masters degree in the fields of computer science, interactive telecommunications, and technical engineering.


Officers of Denmon Digital Services


Dean A. Denmon, BA, MPS

President, Denmon Digital Services


Mr. Denmon earned his Master's degree from New York University in 2000 to refine and improve his skills and inventions working in today's digital technology.  He continues to maintain a steadfast work ethic and instills best practices for the consultancy, as well as his clients.

Specializing in customer-centric needs, Mr. Denmon is sure to set your sights and issues at ease by educating you, the consumer and user, about your specific technology requirements and improvements.

Our team is more than willing to provide you with tips to extend the life of your digital tools. Our  knowledge base in current technologies is extensive and we are pleased to share and educate our clients.

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Joel Howard, BM, MS, Concord University School of Law

Vice President, Denmon Digital Services


Mr. Howard earned his Master's degree from Indiana University, Bloomington in 1990, and has extended his expertise to legal pursuits to continue his developments within technology industry.  He shares the same high level of standards to move the company forward within a constantly changing technological topography.  Mr. Howard is currently serving as the company's administration executive and Director of Development.


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